Has The World Gone Mad


In this increasingly litigious country I am just waiting for someone to sue after tripping over a “Caution Slippery Floor” sign!


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Continuing the blind theme, the authorities in the Scilly Isles, (very appropriate names) have published, in Braille, a job description and application form for the position of Air Traffic Controller.

A pre-requisite for this job is that you are blessed with 20:20 vision.

So you don’t let people who are blind apply and your are branded as discriminatory, you do employ somebody who is blind and get sued by the relatives of the victims from the resultant plane crash.

The move was applauded by Bill Alker, from the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

“We welcome the Isles of Scilly’s Council for their good practice and would hope more employers do the same,” he said.

What? Good practice? Damn stupid if you ask me. What next Blind pilots

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It recently come to my attention that a car manufacturer was taken to task under the Disabilty Discrimination Act ar whatever it is called for not producing brochures for its product in Braille.

Excuse me if I appear a little dumb but I would have thought, in my own simple mind, that the abilty to see where you were going was pretty fundamental to driving a car.

Not only that but a test of adequate vision is carried out before a driving test, so a car maker is forced to produce brochures in Braille for a product that the prospective purchaser has not got a hope in hell of getting a licence for.

Will we soon see a legal test case where a blind, oops sorry visually impaired, person sues Ferrari for encouraging him (her) to buy a product knowing they will not be able to use it legally. Political correctness will then have gone full circle and disappeared up its own a!$e. Bring on the day.

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No More Beware Of The Dog

Following a spate of break ins in his neighbourhood a friend of mine decided to buy a Beware Of The Dog sign only to be told that he couldn’t because the wording of the sign suggests that the dog may be dangerous and IF somebody broke in and IF the dog savaged them (as they would deserve) they you could face prosecution under the Dangerous Dogs Act if the mutt wasn’t muzzled. Instead he ended up with an innocuous sign saying “Our dog is free to roam these premises”. I think I would have one that says “Caution, man eating Rottweiler” Any prospective burgler is then in no doubt, enter these premises and I save on Dog food for a week. Now, I wonder if there is a dangerous Gerbils Act and could I train one to savage burglers?

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Hello world!

Welcome to PC MADNESS! No not a lunatic Police Constable but the mad and infuriating world of Politcal Correctness and muddled thinking.

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